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About Japanese.PH

Japanese.PH is a group of Japanese-English Translators offering fast, reliable, professional Japanese Translation Services in the Philippines since 1998.  We are the Japanese-language-proficient professionals being contracted by most Language Schools, Travel Agencies, and International Manpower Companies in the Philippines when it comes to their Japanese translation needs.  WE ARE NOT A COMPANY.  We are individuals who offer the same excellent Japanese-English translation services but at a more affordable fee because the taxes, commissions, incidental expenses etc. incurred in the traditional transaction are eliminated in the process.  See below advantages of transacting with Japanese.PH:


Each character, word, sentence, paragraph, and page we translate are solidly anchored to our four core beliefs.  This is the sole reason you can entrust the translation job to us with peace of mind.


Honesty is our Policy.

We understand the uneasiness on the part of the buyer in any online transaction.  That's why we establish truthfulness right at the onset of our communication.  Your money is assured of honest work.